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Go here to find all the articles already published in the German and Swiss press about retrocessions and De iure AG. You can read the articles online or download each newspaper article as a PDF.

How UBS banned a rich lady: “UBS made unrestrained use of the money of a severely mentally ill client – for more than ten years.(Beobachter / 24/2019) Read German article (PDF)

Kickback-Payments: Swiss banks are barking German investors for millions in so-called kickback payments. ( / 25.10.19) Read German article (PDF)

Tens of thousands of German clients affected – Swiss banks wrongfully accepted high distribution commissions. German investors are also entitled to reimbursement. ( / 18.02.17)

Hunters of lost money – Specialists acting for asset management clients attempt to recover commissions pocketed by banks. With some degree of success. (Beobachter, 16/2016) PDF

Investors in Amsterdam shrug off Ukraine referendum and Panama papers – Equity prices in the Netherlands virtually unchanged, Unilever kicks off quarterly figures reporting this week (FAZ, 12.04.16) PDF

German tax evaders launch retaliatory campaign against Swiss banks – Black money clients demand return of excess commission payments. The sums involved amount to several billion Swiss francs. Banks affected include UBS and Credit Suisse (Sonntagszeitung, 03.01.2016) PDF

The battle for kickbacks – clients can claim back high commissions pocketed by Swiss banks. Although the legal situation is allegedly clear, the wrangling in court drags on and on (Capital, 06/2015) PDF

Brazen, disrespectful and arrogant – for some years, Swiss banks have been obliged to pay commissions they receive over to their clients. But the financial institutions are playing for time – as they sit on billions that don’t belong to them. (Süddeutsche Zeitung 04/2015) PDF

Revenge is sweet – Black money / Many Swiss banks pocketed illegal commissions and counted on black money clients keeping quiet. But now they’ve wiped the slate clean – and they have nothing more to fear. A surge of litigation is imminent (Wirtschaftswoche, 14.07.2014) PDF

Banks are unwilling to pay – Most banks are making heavy weather of following the Federal Supreme Court’s decisions. That’s clear from the sluggish repayments of retrocessions due to clients. Now FINMA, the supervisory authority, is also criticising the banks (Ktipp, 11.12.13) PDF

German small investors can also claim money back – UBS and the other banks must pay distribution commissions back to any German who invested money legally in Switzerland during the last ten years and has paid tax on it (, 10/2013) PDF

Bonanza for investors – Swiss banks must pay some commissions back (Preussische Allgemeine Zeitung, 30.11.13) PDF

UBS clients have to fight for their money – UBS remains stubborn in the dispute about reimbursement of retrocessions. It is delaying the negotiations (Tages-Anzeiger, 23.11.13) PDF

The banks’ united front is crumbling – so far, all the banks have refused to repay hidden commissions to their advisory clients. Now the first bank is stepping out of line. (Beobachter, 15.11.13) PDF

Bank clients are furios – Most attempts to claim retrocessions back from banks come up against a brick wall. Complaints from investors are piling up on the editorial desk of the Tages-Anzeiger (Tages-Anzeiger, Zurich, 17.10.13) PDF

Many banks refuse to give clients what is due to them – bank clients claiming repayment of distribution commissions meet with massive resistance. Attorneys are accusing some banks of concealment and delaying tactics (Tages-Anzeiger, Zurich, 08.10.13) PDF

The dubious multiple roles played by Bank Sarasin – This financial institute acted as advisor, lender and credit intermediary to Windreich GmbH – and finally as petitioner for its bankruptcy (Sonntagszeitung) PDF

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