Based on a mandate

  • Free initial consultation for claimants and/or law firms
  • Inspection of documents; obtaining missing documents, according to outlay
  • Determination/valuation of the claims for reimbursement, for a flat-rate processing fee
Kickback Provisionen Beratung
Kickbacks Abtretung

Based on “assignment of claims“

  • The claimant assigns his claims (after valuation) to De iure AG and signs an assignment agreement (contract of transfer) with us
  • De Iure takes on the enforcement of the claims, for which it bears the entire cost risk
  • If the outcome is successful, the assignor receives 50% of the claims that are actually realised

Based on “sale of claims”

  • The claimant offers his claims (after valuation) for De iure AG to purchase
  • The client receives the agreed purchase price from us, and waives all further claims
  • De iure AG bears the entire cost risk of enforcing these claims
Kickbacks Verkauf

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